Kawlram Um Mi Nih Theih Hrimhrim Ding A Si Mi Cycle Mawngtu Caah Phunglam Thar

Kawlram chung a um mi Bike a mawngtu caah phungthar an chuah i Bike (cycle) mawngtu poah nih cun theih hrimhrim ding a si .phungthar an chuahmi cu Cycle cung ah a number a bunh lo mi le a number a lang fiang lo mi le number dang aa bunh mi cu tleih hnu ah phaisa Ks. 300000 cawiter a si lai . cu lawng si lo in thlathum chung thong thlak khawh zong a si fawn tiah theih a si .

Strict speed limit enforcement begins in Mandalay | The Myanmar Times

Cycle licence a dih hnu i a mawng chihmi le , licence a ngei lo mi , licence dang a hmangmi mi theih i tleihsual ah cun poh-mah 91 ning zulh in phaisa tingkhat cawiter ding , a si lo le thlakhat thongthlak ding tiah a tharin phung an chuahthan mi cu a si .Driving licence ngeilo le , cycle mit tha lo mi a mawng mi le , cycle mongh lio i phone a chawn mi luchin chinh lo in a mawng mi hrim cu poh-mah 85 hmangin thong sawmthum cawiter peng a si than lai .

Yangon's Hero, Wielding Power of Stop and Go - The New York Times

Cycle mawng pawl caah zulh dingmi thawngpang cu an chuah cia pengmi a si ko nain , vawleipi nih a tuarmi covid-19 ruang ah mipi zalen ngai in cycle an mawng i accident zong a tong mi an um lengmang cang caah tu bantuk in a tharin hi phung hi an chuah than nak a si . pulrai ruang ah kan zalen deuh ti ruat in duh poh in cylce mongh ruang ah accident nak a chuak mi hi traffic police fel lo ah cozah nih an ruah cang caah tu bantuk in phungthar an chuah than nak asi .

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